Nata Social is a Web3 dApp focused on collective-knowledge, content discovery and personal organization.

What is Nata Social?

Nata Social is a platform that aims to be the go-to option when it comes to finding detailed, accurate and quality information organically curated by the ecosystem. Through tags you will be able to discover new resources and organize them into personal reading lists.

To get started with Nata Social:

  1. Quickly familiarize yourself with Nata and how it can simplify your life.

  2. Migrate your existing bookmarks and set up automatic saving from sites like Youtube and Twitter.

  3. Access your bookmarks from anywhere by using Nata's extensions, public page, or embedded bookmarks on your website.

Find the best way to use Nata by starting with the basics and gradually discovering new features. If you have any questions visit the FAQ or reach out to us for assistance.

Cool features:

Nata Social allows the user to save, organize and discover content. In order to access the functionalities of our platform you must have a Lens user. It should be noted that the creation of users in Lens Protocol is still closed and is slowly being opened to the public.

Those who have a Lens account will be able to log in by connecting with their wallet.

Once logged in to the platform you will be able to:

  • Share content. Publications are the lifeblood of the Lens Protocol. They are all of the original content, comments, and mirrors produced by creators, curators, and users alike. Publications come in three primary types: posts, comments, and mirrors. Posts are the base object, with mirror and comment providing additional functionality.

  • Discover and use Tags. When a user posts a publication they will be able to add Tags to it. When exploring through the feed people can filter the posts selecting the tags of their interest. Stay up to date with what you are interested in by filtering by Tags!

  • Follow/Unfollow people. Following on the Lens Protocol differs from following in Web2 social applications. When users follow a profile on the Lens Protocol, they are given a Follow NFT, which creators and communities can encode with additional value.

  • Collect posts. When a user posts a publication to their profile they have the option to set a Collect Module. This module will allow other users to mint NFTs that link to the publication's content. Do you want to save a post to read later or because its useful? Collect it!

  • Organize your collects. Tired of seeing your collections on Lens all cluttered and shuffled around? Now you can organize your collects in 'Lists'. Reading lists, favorite lists, guides, recipes, you name it.

  • Read from verified curators. Users with certain expertise in a particular topic will have a custom 'Badge' as proof of their knowledge and reliability (Advocates, team members of a project , etc).


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