How it works

High-level overview of Nata Social.

How does it work?

Nata Social is built on top of Lens Protocol which is a Web3 social graph on the Polygon blockchain. It is designed to allow creators to own their content and enable new monetization models without intermediaries by forming a composable, user-owned social graph. One of its features is modularity, allowing new features and fixes to be added, while ensuring immutability of user-owned content and social relationships.

The integration possibilities are very broad:



  • NextJS

  • TailwindCSS

  • Typescript

  • RainbowKit

  • Wagmi

  • IPFS

  • GraphQL

  • Lens Protocol

  • Lit Protocol

  • Push Protocol (in progress)

  • Kleros (in progress)

  • Polygon

  • Solidity Smart contracts (as a custom module on Lens Protocol) (in progress)

What happens when a publication is made in Nata Social?

  • We interact with the Lens Protocol API, which in turn interacts with its Smart Contracts on the Polygon Blockchain.

  • The content of the publication is stored in IPFS, be it text, images or videos.

  • A transaction is performed in Polygon that creates the NFT from the publication.

What information does the NFT contain?

  • NFT metadata

  • Link to IPFS


We take user privacy seriously so we have decided not to use any cookies, we are using Umami, an analytics service that does not use cookies.

Regarding content, users will have the option to make their lists, posts and profile private by:

  • On-chain meta-data encryption (NFT description).

  • Upon fetching, the NFTs show their metadata (image & name) to all the users. But, show the decrypted metadata (NFT description) to only users who meet certain conditions.

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