Our platform offers customizable options through the View settings. By adjusting the layout and appearance settings, users can tailor the look and feel of their collection and feed to their liking.


The cards UI is a design approach in which content is organized and presented in individual, "card"-like units. These can contain text, images, links, etc, and will present a variety of information in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest format.

Because each card contains a discrete piece of information, it can be more easily scanned and understood by the user. This can make the content more engaging, easy to navigate and adaptable to different screen sizes and devices, which will improve de UX vs other traditional implementations.

Small Cards

This view highlights just enough information such as creator, creation date, and tags the user might need making it an excellent choice for sorting.


Titles mode is a fast and efficient way to scan posts without thumbnails, perfect for busy people or those who like to be time-efficient.

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