Lists, Tags and more!

Quick overview and showcase of what is possible with Nata Social.

Right now, the amount of information and resources about crypto can be overwhelming and counterproductive (Twitter, Substack, Mirror, Medium, Newsfeeds, Curators, etc). Many good articles and pieces of research can get lost in the crowd, too much noise, and a good tool is needed to discover this content, categorize and organize it.

...what if you could do more with social networks?

With Nata you can boost personal organization and reduce times when it comes to exploring topics.

We must consider the importance of freely and openly accessible content. Our vision is to be the ‘front door’ for public knowledge on the internet – a trusted and reliable ‘first port of call’ for connected resources/learning, and one that does not rely on advertising or data mining.

Lens Protocol provides us with a native collect module which improves the UX considerably, no need for multi-step solutions like #savetonotion or copying & pasting links to notes.

Modules also let users set fees and this opens the door for creator oriented monetization models unlike other platforms. One of the biggest advantages we have is that we are a social network built on top of Lens so people will be able to see or follow other profiles and explore what the crypto ecosystem is collecting.

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